Coocaa 50 "4K Android TV unboxing & hands-on training

We recently acquired affordable Android TV, Coocaa 50 inch 4K LED LED TV. The brand was only launched in Malaysia recently, as it launched in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in 2018.

If you want to know what is available in the box, as well as our first practical appearance on TV, here's a quick video.

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    What is the maximum refresh rate in 4K? I also have almost 5,000 purchased movies on my Google Play. Do you think it will lag?

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    Tip to the presenter of the show: always press the info button to view the resolution and bitrate of the video. Also HDR means 4K with high dynamic. I'm pretty surprised you're confused about HDR and misinterpreted it as "Not 4K".

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    Netflix hdr is 4k+hdr. A step above regular 4k. Also the remote runs on infra red for normal function and switches to Bluetooth for voice input

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    There's something called Quick Start Guide/Manual Nic. Maybe should have read that on how to pair remote. Usually you'll have to press 1 or more buttons at once for it enter pairing. IIRC even Astro remote like that if want to pair with your TV

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    When u start playing 4K Netflix video u need to wait for awhile until it reach 2160p resolution. The resolution will climb from 720p, 1080p and 2160p.

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    Wow too many semut semut at tv laa not quite good sony and samsung 4k screen no semut semut love my samsung 4k ? but that price awesome coocaa

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