Cover Fire Android GamePlay # 2 (by Genera Games)

Cover Fire Android GamePlay (by Genera Games)

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    But in this video who is playing he is not so expert. He can't destroy this normal boss. I can destroy this boss very easily hahahahaha
    How many time he died hahahahaha

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    Excellent war shooting games i already download. Very soon i am going finish this game. Thanks genera for this game. I love it

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    I have finished the whole campaign mode with more than 95% stars, unlocked all characters and weapons, all my skills upgraded above level 8, BUT….. till now I didnt see any multiplayer or online mode for this game. Also the screens look a bit different for me on my phone. Do I have to do something to enable multiplayer mode… activate something or anything of that sort??
    Or is it because of some region specific availability. Could someone please tell me. Thanks.

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    To whomever is playing the game in this video. You suck at this game!! My 8yo can play anything better than yourself… Its hard to watch your so bad.

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    Wow the frame rate is looking smooth and fast on the device you're playing on. What device are you playing on and are you still currently enjoying this game or did you get bored of it as of now?

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    This is a beta version of the game. We hope you support the final versión that will be released for free and more content at the beginning of 2017

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