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    In the end after echoing "Connection closed" you may see some extra code that appears on that line. Please ignore that otherwise your server may not work 🙂

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    HI, Since the clients are connected to server , All devices can see the message right,
    is there a way to differentiate user based on some id ?

    As i understand , that needs to done at PHP end while sender can send recipient details , but how to block message to all users except receiver

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    I am getting the error while running "php server.php" :

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'MyAppChat' not found in /root/chatapplication/bin/server.php:12

    Stack trace:

    #0 {main}

    thrown in /root/chatapplication/bin/server.php on line 12

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    Hey sir, i follwed your instruction and when I run the app, I had this problem: when the client A sent message to client B, the cmd: show me that the message was received by the server, but, I also showed me that the connection on client B is closed, so I just have 1 message that was sent successfully. Can you help me? tks very much

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    Great tutorial !! But can you tell me how can i get each client's id with their name. Because i want to show them inside my RecyclerView 🙂

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