Create a silhouette planner with You Doodle on iPhone, iPad and Android

It's very easy to create a face silhouette with You Doodle. Within seconds, you can track and remove the wallpaper quickly. You Doodle is a fast, free app that lets you do a lot or more like Photoshop and other complex applications. Get your doodles here:

thanks for watching!

– Jeff.


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    Jeff I am following along and when I get to the layers parent to change to transparent nothing happens. Can you tell me maybe what I am doing wrong? Thanks!!!

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    Are you kidding me? I spent HOURS perfecting this photo and then something happened and I can't undo it. Are you kidding me?! All those hours full of effort just for a stupid feature in this app. This drastically decreases my experience in this app. Please make the undo button work no matter what!

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    I thought you would have more subscriber Anyways I wanna say thank you I have Made Animations Using this app thanks so much and if your looking for a sponsor well

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    Do you think you can fix the layers thing and make it more layers and the gradient tool needs to be fixed to its difficult to understand how to use the gradient tool

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    I love this app SOO much, I use it every day, if you’re reading this I just want you to know that the app is successfull! (Well, atleast I think that.)

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