Customize Pixel 2 XL – making it for me

Check out the customization of my Pixel 2 XL!

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    Hey man, new sub here and also new to ANDROID. I'm trying to do exactly what the title says, make this mine. Pixel is really good so far, very different from the iOS I'm accustomed to.

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    Anybody know how to get that Google discover news feed on the left of the home page using lean launcher ? New to Android. Need help figuring this all out

  3. Reply

    Well this video really dindt help because well the pixel is a widely used phone because of it's constantly updating and has Twrp root,custom ROMs and many more. This is a very detailed phone and I personally (first video I watched of yours) think that you don't really go that detailed into making a phone into YOURS

  4. Reply

    I've never used a different launcher but I'm curious if I install a different launcher will it affect updates and will I have to wait for system update?

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    Whenever I try to make a widget on KWGT, it always turns out way smaller than the space I designated for it. Any tips or help for this?

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    I don't like that wallpaper and the icons you made its to ugly .You should stay with Google's current wallpaper and icons. 🙂

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    I have an iPhone X, and while I like/love it, the one thing I envy about Android phones is how customizable they are! I don't hate Android or their phones, I've just never owned one! This may change when the Google Pixel 3 is launched. That being said, this was a great video! Thank you for sharing it with us! I gave it a Thumbs Up and I subscribed to your channel!

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