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    Why there is error 1000. It happens after I repair something at shop and then save. This wont happen if I save the game without fix any weapon but now I need to repair something but I cant save after it:( please help everything going right although this problem. I already install the huge data game but still happen?? Please someone answer or give any method to solve this!!!I did really appreciate?

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    Did everything in the video and now it says "Looks like you inserted the wrong cd. Please insert your Daggerfall cd in your cdrom and try again." Any way to fix this?

    Edit: Nvm fix it, got it working now. Thanks for the video it really helped out a lot.

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    help me! My game has a bug that I can not interact with the map! I click on something and only the cursor moves! But nothing happens when I try to click to see my location!

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    I followed every step exactly, but when I click on setup to begin installation, it just freezes with D:>INSTALL.EXE. Unable to hit enter or begin installation.

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    Awesome, Magic DosBox also has very flexible options for touch buttons and controller support so controls are nice too. My friends thought I was fuckin nuts when they saw it though lmao

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    when I put the Dagger.exe and save the configuration the magic gives an error and closes, pleace help.??

    Great tutorial, greetings from Chile ?

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    This is so awesome! Got it to run 🙂 on my stylo 4. Just haveing hard time with the controls. Is it the same process for tes 1 areana please help? I wanna play the 1st one:))

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    ty! i wouldnt have thought to mount the folder as a cdrom. do you know the command line argument to do this ? would it be: mount d: c:/DFCD -t cdrom -label Daggerfall ? i wish they would port daggerfall unity to android . not that i dislike dosbox, it just looks phenomenal in unity.
    edit: it says the directory doesnt exist. i must be using the wrong command the path is right. its irratating that this game got released in this bizzare format , ive never seen another cdrom done like this in dosbox. is there anyway to convert the stupid folder to a usable format like iso or bincue ? this folder nonsense is messing this up. nevermind im just going to play the unity version on pc it looks better anyway and launches natively

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    Great help! Sound works fine but there is no music, i alrd tried all the midi options but none of them worked. Alrd so far in the game , would be nice to hear music tho

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    Do you know how I would do the CD thing with the GOG version? I think GOG uses a file to sort of spoof the CD but I don't know how to point Magic Dosbox to it

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    How i can fix this?
    Error: unable to locate the daggerfall CD.Make sure …..
    I installed game i play it but now i dont know ho i can play it again please help me.

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