Destiny Child – World Boss – Evil Chase Final – Android on computer – F2P – KR

This is the coach of the New World raid this afternoon at the fate of the child after maintenance. You can set up a group of 20 characters, and this xD is crazy too fast

Game site:

Create a Kakao account:

Google applications: …


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    Je me suis battu contre ce red boss une fois j'ai failli gagner mais elle avez utiliser son power shoot j'espère le vaincre une prochaine fois?

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    Tits, pussies, tummies, buttcracks, sideboobs, underboobs, oily body…basically the summation of modern games with ladies in it. At least one of these is a "must show." SEXU SELLU!

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    I dont suppose you could record the full intro song in a separate video, right? I've found it in several places on youtube, game version with less lyrics and original aswell but they dont sound as good/quality and clear like in your video lol 🙁

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    So all you do is zap a half naked Anime chick at the end theres no dungeons or worlds to explore a waste of fantastic artwork

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