Devil May Cry Mobile Android Beta Play – Part 1

Devil May Cry Mobile Android Beta is now available. You need to activate the code to play.


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iOS – coming soon
Android oming Coming soon

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    It looks beautiful, but the game should implement a better auto mode. Dante is just repeating his moves. To add that stylish touch, we have a long way to tweak.

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    look awful in character design even for beta version, don't get me wrong, bcs I have seen a better ps2 character designed well even for a unfamiliar game, It looks like other netease or other garena things that overrated games in SEA.
    but I like how they bring old school combat and style system, and the camera movements look pretty cool and looks like DMC 5,
    just remember this game still beta make me so exciting to play this game since I play this game since I was 3rd grade watching my brother play this game and had a lots of fun playing it, So yeah I rate this game 7.9 for the beta version.

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    the attacks here actually feels like metal hitting flesh unlike dmc 4 or 5 where it feels like you are wielding a freaking lazer around with you.I also miss the silver blur the swords used to give off in dmc 3 or 1,makes them feel more real.

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    Dante is mad rude in this game Lol, guy just threw away a glass that belongs to the bartender which means, not only does Lady not get flowers, she now has to pay for that broken glass

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