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    Im getting the feeling this game will be too easy to beat. Dmc games usually only have about 15 to 20 chapters. You already on 13. Shit seems to easy and if so then im really pissed.

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    This is my opinion about this DMC:
    Graphics:above medium
    Soundtrack:very good
    Characters role: medium
    Cutscenes:there aren't
    New weapons after boss fight:there aren't also
    Story:very bad when we compare it with the other DMC series(except the 2). And with very boring dialogues???

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    There aren't no cutscene before and after the boss fight???really? I hope that they add the cutscenes and add a great story for this game in the complete verision like the other DMC series(except the 2) otherwise it will be good only in the gameplay.

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