Devil May Cry Mobile GAMEPLAY PART 3 NO COMMENTARY (Pinnacle of Combat Beta) | Android | #FleerPlays

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    I don't know but personally I don't like this new voice actor for Dante, I know that he's had different voices in the past but I thought Reuben Langdon wasn't already set voice actor, it's nice that they put the original voice clips of Reuben Langdon (and possibly Drew Coombs) in the game, but as for the voice when Dante is speaking freely without gameplay, I'm sure I wouldn't notice when the game actually comes out but for right now it just feels weird to me

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    Hola bro cómo estás buen video información veo que eres muy rápido en ella eres tú podrías decir el primero que publican las cosas y eso es agradable nuevo suscriptor y para lo que ocupes ahí estamos

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    with how cool this looks i hope if the mobile version works wel enough, we get a console version on xbox and ps4 hell maybe they go on the ps5 and Xbox series X

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