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    It’s. Just the voice acting that could use some work I wouldn’t mind if we got a lil revamped update & a devil may cry comic book lore to it , also more capcom staff members support and help, but awesome stylish game regardless it has a freaking story and alternative characters, so maybe anything can change

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    a lot of this just looks like re-textures of previous dmc series models, re-arrangements of assets to create new environments etc. nothing new or innovative has really popped out to me yet. beowolf is fighting dante in the vergil boss 2 fight environment, that's for damn sure. think it's fine they use the assets to help speed up development but could be a bit more effort put towards bringing something new to the table. if this is set between 3 and 1, i think dantes costume should be his dmc 1 costume as that's the way he ends 3 opening his shop. it's still early days and it's pretty good for a mobile game though.

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