Devil May Cry on BLOODY PALACE GAMEPLAY mobile Android | #FleerPlays

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The Devil May Cry: Peak War / Peak Fight
The release date of the game: 2020
Platform: Android and iOS

Download the BETA / Elite test of the game now. Follow the instructions… .


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    Gotta admit it’s a little odd that they kept the DMC5 health bar/glass effect while using DMC3 themes everywhere else.

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    Hopefully in the full game there isn't an issue with no music playing in combat and certain cutscenes need changed and need added music. I'm sure capcom can help provide that since DMC is now the best action game.

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    wait why does rebellion look diffrent. dont tell me its ranked and the higher the stars are on it it's appearance changes? actually the form is reminding me of Devil Sword Dante

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    Why you fool us bro .when you know that activation code work only once so don't share them just like that and if you can't help Dont fool people and make them waste their data ,time and don't play with there feeling.

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