Devil May Cry Virgil Revell Trailer In The Game (Combat Summit / Peak War) Android and iOS

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The Devil May Cry: Peak War / Peak Fight
The release date of the game: 2020
Platform: Android and iOS

Download the BETA / Elite test of the game now. Follow the instructions… .


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    Vergil" dmc1,3,4 and a younger Dante on fortuna even tho he was older at that time on a mobile, What kind of power is!"

    Younger Dante" chill out bro~ or else your face will start getting wrinkles"

    Older Vergil" wanna go another round"

    Younger Dante" alright then* cocks ebony & ivory* bring it!

    Older Dante*eating bag of popcorn*

    Both stared

    Older Dante" don't get me involve in this I am too old for this crap and so are you, here* throw devil sword Dante at young Dante* if ya wanted to kill me early then say so"

    Older Vergil"adding more power will be meaningless if he doesn't know how to use it

    Younger dante" this looks like my got some slick new etchings and style.. I like it!

    Older dante*claps hand*" chop chop it's theaters I need my fix*

    Nero" got room for 5 I brought Nico,Kyrie, Morrison,Trish.lady

    Older Dante" oh no your just made it towards the good part check it out.

    Nero" is that my father and uh….* Points* Young Dante*
    Trish"I bet on Vergil.
    Lady" well I'll bet on younger Dante"
    Kyrie" I'll choose Vergil"
    Nero" let's see I'll bet on.. my father but kinda sketchy too see my younger uncle.

    Morrison" bets are in now..we wait.

    Nero: wait for what?.
    Morrison you'll see hahahaha.

    Few hour later

    Older Vergil* crashes towards the wall*" it only been a.. a few hour and he mastered it."

    Older Dante" boooyeaahh!! I won! Wooooo!, Vergil ya owe me 250 Gran
    Young Vergil" the fight is not over,until one of us is dead*pulls older Vergil up*

    Older vergil" seeing my younger self now that is a first, and last.. Dante I'll see ya outside where van is..I'm off.

    Young vergil" brother get off the stage and let the old bag of you take your place.

    Older Dante" forget this let's go eat somewhere until a new sequel come around, by then Nero will have a child of his own along with her wife but I I'll set this one out too"*walks out* hey vergil wait up!

    Morrison"damn right you are! Hahahaha."*gets up and speed walks*

    All walked out except younger Dante and younger vergil

    Younger Dante" I still got my..

    Older Dante* snaps finger* not yours but mine* winks*
    Closes door

    Younger Vergil" wanna fight on the tower again?"

    Younger Dante" your on!"

    Sword clashing


    Older Dante* breaths heavy*" kids playing videogames on a phone… What is the world thinking…after the urizen fight mess, now it's gonna take a years to clean the mess up.

    Older vergil" what are brothers for*grin smile*
    Older Dante" wanna go again another round?"

    Nero* smashes both heads together* your both got your ass handed ?

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    The game looks great, but I really need to see the controls. I won’t be convinced until I see it’s not auto assist

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