DJI Mavic Mini connect to problem controller for Samsung Android Phone FIX Troubleshooting users

In the DJI forum, many Andriod users who have a Samsung s10 phone have problems connecting to the Mavic mini console that we fix by updating the firmware to Andriod 9 version and also connecting to Samsung s7 edge with Andriod 8.0 to connect to Mavic mini DJI GPS drone

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DJI Mavic Mini ….


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    I had problems setting up my Mavic Mini with my Samsung Galaxy S9 running the latest Android. It prompted me to update the Mavic Mini, the firmware update seemed to work but it still kept saying it needed to update but there was no blue button to install the update! Very frustrating, I tried multiple variations of different ways but nothing worked! Finally I tried updating my Mavic Mini through my windows laptop using the DJI Assistant 2 app, again it seemed to work but when I connected it all back up to my phone etc same thing it just kept saying it needed to update and the blue button to install was missing!
    I spent a whole morning on it and gave up! Later that day the DJI Fly app gave me an update notification, which I downloaded but my Mavic Mini was all boxed up and somewhere else!
    The next day everything connected up fine and worked without issue!
    I suspect the Mavic Mini is optimised for Apple IOS and not Android, my setup process was very glitchy and had multiple issues, including getting stuck in a loop several times during setup! ⚠️?

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    Curious if the CAVU fpv/VR Android app for DJI drones is compatible with the Mini. Free download from the play store with 5 minute trial. Really appreciate if you could give it a try for the heck of it and reply back of you have time. Used the app for over a year with my mavic pro and it worked flawless! Thanks and enjoy the mini, considering it but really wanna be able to fly it FPV. ☮️ Wheelchair John in Idaho, USA ?

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