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    Where did you find the wires for (1) reversing switch or reverse light wire, (2) park light/tail light wire?
    These are the two mixing wires I can't find.

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    Hello Esqueleto,

    Big thanks for your explanation, it will help me a lot because I want to do the same thing in my 2002 X-Trail.
    I have only one question: when you switched from your stock radio to this one, the steering wheel controls still works?

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    Do you have any advice for what to do in order to improve the radio reception on these X-Trails. I changed my head unit some time ago hoping that the reason was in my old one however, it seems to be the antenna.

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    Great great video… Patient, clear, calm liked ???????????? wish i could win one of these, i have the exact same Xtrail as a second vehicule

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    Great video thanks!
    1) Are you able to use steering wheel controls with this setup? e.g. volume up/down
    2) Presumably this would work just as well with CarPlay?

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