Download your Spotify library for free for iOS and Android: Spotiload (link in description) | 60 fps



In this video, I'll let you guys know how to fully download the Spotify Music library in less than two minutes! It makes it easy for you to transfer to your phone. I've made it simpler by connecting the Chrome extension in the description for you! Do not forget to give up like and subscribe if you are not already!

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    Have to log in to Spotiloader to use it, but cannot log in unless you give it your tel number. Huh? What the hell you want that for? But I put in my tel number and it says it's not valid! Intrusive junk.

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    I can't thank you enough.taken so many trials with software, finally a guy who has an updated and honest method.i put some respek on your name

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    Is there a way to download more than 25 song in once? its really annoying that i have to create multiply playlist for one band. pls answer!

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    I downloaded abouy 200 songs on spotify from my android but now I logged in to soptify PC VERSION and my downloaded songs are not available OFFLINE! can you please help???

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