Easily install TWRP and Magisk ROOT on Android 8.1.0 Galaxy J7 Prime

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    My otg flash dosent read on twarp but it work in another phones 🙁
    what can i do
    when i back to system its restart dosent won't to open system

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    Trick is great, and ur video is so long so I can't watch it continuously till end. I don't know I had told it or not but I found many youtubers forget to say to OEM unlock in developer mode after root because if mobile is rooted and if I forget to open OEM unlock and if your mobile gets shuts down then mobile will be bricked…..Note it

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    Everything okay but booting problem, after this process not booting only logo restart and vibrate, i think boot file not match with this, something you missing to show our, please fix boot how to show me? when ok then i see basebang is unknown, writing back "boot" stock coming back baseband, im trying with J710FXXU5CRK3_J710FOJV5CRK2_J710FXXU5CRK1_HOME.tar _8.1.0

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    Hello my brother after you follow all instructions and succeeded with me routine but the phone does not read the card external card Sd Please fix this error at the earliest opportunity and put another video in which all explanations and the external card is busy and recognize the phone Wait for your quick reply Thank you.

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    Thank you kind man. I risked installed TWRP 3.2.3 and Magisk 18 from different sources …. till now everything is working good …. I just had a weird freeze at startup android (language and such) but after restarting …everything is smooth … and now I'm baking up all my phone on my OTG flash drive….I still don't get people who say …that TWRP on J7 prime has been a pain in the ass since it didn't mount any of internal or SD card memories ….?

    Edit: oh now I see … the SD card and internal memory are not mountable and the backup failed when it came to backup "data" which is denied access probably for a new shitty security issues. well atleast I can backup boot and system !.. peace … happy tweaking

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