FIFA 15 Android Sixaxis game for PS3 / PS4 [Game #55]

Android device must be rooted for Sixaxis app to work:

Control buttons used for keel:
_Left is to move the left joystick, X or Junction is to pass the middle, R2 to Sprint, and Circle is to fire.

Classic control buttons used:
_Left counterpart is to move the left joystick, X or junction to pass and center, R2 to Sprint, Circle is Shoot, a box with the properties of the swipe button up ….


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    pls help i done to download the map but still cant pass press cross and shott press square and move with analog left, but i use controller detect in the game pass press square and long pass press cross that is confused me:(

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    If you connected a game controller
    Can you do the this that you do in the game

    Like if i use a xbox 360 controller
    Can i do the skills that can work on the 360??

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