Final Fantasy XV: New Android / iOS Empire Game

XV Final Fantasy: A New Empire from Epic Action LLC (ANDROID / iOS / iphone / ipad)
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Be the hero of your Final Fantasy XV adventure in the new Final Fantasy XV: A Empire mobile phone game! Build your own kingdom, discover powerful magic, and dominate the field along with all your friends!

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    I've played the demo for this in another game (as an ad). It was better than the actual game. There was actual fighting going on. But no matter how I look at it. I must say this game is very bad. I don't care if it disgraces the name FF. But.This.Game.Is.Simply.Baaad!

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    I've been playing for a week, grinded my way up to 90k power…GET ATTACKED ONCE while nothing is at home, lost 40K power. This game sucks balls, nothing but waiting for timers, uninstalling…

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    Yeah it's made by the same cretans who made Game of Whatever and Mobile Strike. Slapped a FFXV skin on it and called it a day. Square Enix should have never allowed this. I rate this one a potato out of potato.

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    MZ Made the game, totally not what I had expected… I see FF characters, was expecting more FF theme to the environment, summons, spells, AIRSHIPS… This is a re-skin of Game of War…

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