Firestore Tutorial Part 14 – Broken Books – Android Studio Tutorial

In Part 14 of the Firestore tutorial, we will learn how to use the WriteBatch class to group, update, and delete multiple operations. Batch combinations together result in faster data migration due to low connection load and automatic batch execution, which means that all operations will succeed, or none will be applied.

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    Excellent videos, could you please shed some light on Firestore security for Firebase Auth, like accessing documents made by the specific authorized user?

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    Your videos are excellent, everything is understandable

    Can you please make videos relating to API(s) using Retrofit and requests using Postman (with server side)

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    hello legend , do you have any video in how to structure the mvvm architecture ? I Am already using mvp but I would really like to learn mvvm as well

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    Amazing! And you know what's new?Course in C programming opened in my city. I am the best in group.In group there are 10 of us(not many, but people in my country don't know what is programming so…)I have 10 points so far and others have 0 🙂 I just wanted to share my emotions with you, but it's ok if you ignore this. I know C is not modern language but after C we are going to move on C++ and then on C# so it's worth it. What you think?

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