Firmware update for Amlogic S905W, S905X and S912 AtvXperience:

In today's video, my battery microphone ran out ….. the owl doesn't mind.

Atvxperience has released a new update to the Amlogic Android TV box which is faster and better than ever. For this video, we will briefly go through the update and show you how to install an IMG file using Amlogic USB Burner.

If you like Android TV, like what you can find in Xiaomi Mi and Nividia TV box …


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    I have the MXQ PRO S905X with 1gb of ram and 8 gb of memory and i been trying to install the 1 gb of the rom with the Amlogic USB Burning Tool and give me an error. I tried with the other version and de same error. Please help me becouse i love how it looks in the videos of promotions.

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    hi i wants a firmware for this tv box ( MXQ 4K Android 7.1 TV Box KD18.0 1GB 8GB RK3229 Quad Core 2.4G WIFI pk mxq pro X96 mini S905W

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    This website is currently offline.

    Hopefully this will only be temporary. Please check back again soon!

    If you are the owner of this website, please contact support.

    I can’t download the img file on the website!

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    What happened to the video that shows how to put Android TV on mxq pro s905? I still have the firmware I just can't remember how to load it. Might have been the Missy Eliot rom, not sure. Got it from you though.

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    How to take a backup of the existing rom on s905x? I bought magic see n5 after watching the Frustrated review of yours..I love the clock function of it and would like to keep the stock as backup.

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    Would this work on the Mecool BB2 Pro? I hate the firmware on it. Changed it to Vorke but still a bit dodgy, especially a bit slow on Kodi, and this box is 3GB DDR4 RAM on it with S912 lol

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    having problems installing atv for the s905x 1gb the remote doesnt work treid to add the remote file from mxqfiles but at installing the rom i get a error "green android guy" with a red cross

    on the s905w it works like a charm!

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    MXQ pro 4k 6.0 android is stuck on logo blink MBOX and sd card firmware not working, USB to USB is not detecting and twp recovery also not working. solve this issue please

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