Fix iPhone / Android randomly at 30% death (battery calibration)

Video shows how to prevent your phone from dying and shutdown randomly by calibrating the battery. This prevents your phone from dying quickly / quickly when there is still battery left and also fix the incorrect battery percentage.

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    Please help I got my phone last year and it turns off every 10 minutes and has a really loud springy noise on the home button please help

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    my phone just died at like 50 and i switched it back on and it was on 29 then it literally dropped from 29 to 10 in 20 secs and i’ve only had this phone for 11 months and i have to make it la at another year. and it’s an iphone 6s so maybe that’s why because apparently 6s is known to be weird like that

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    Hey man, my phone doesn't start up but when I Power it, it shows that it is starting but again after showing the logo it shuts down itself, so does this behaviour mean that the battery life is 0%?

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    Why has my phone been stuck at 15% I barely charged it 20mins and used it like 3 hours no difference? Is this good or bad

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    smh i unplug my phone for a split second and it starts going wild and running out. its been happening ever since i connected airpods to my iphone.

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    I HAVE A PROBLEM! When I try to switch on (phone unplugged), it shows a red lightning bolt indicating that the battery is 0%. I can't even reach the Huawei logo. BUT when I plug the charger while the phone is off, it boots up and shows the Huawei Logo. How can I recalibrate this phone if it keeps booting up when I plug it in.

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    DO NOT TRUST THIS dont do this my phone used to turn off at 40 ish percent now it turns off at 80% after doing this twice cuz it didnt work the first time

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    mine is LG K10, and i have this issue that if i charged my battery at 0% while its turned off and suddenly my phone automatically turns on when it reached a certain amount like for example it automatically turns on at 30% while its off, and when i saw my phone i saw it was like 70%, idk how do i fix this automatically turn on function on my LG K10, any help would be nice

    edit: i forgot to mention i googled this before and nothing shows up so please any help would be great

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    Can this work on iPad Generation 6? I have a problem whereas my iPad would randomly shut off, and I would be able to open it, but sometimes it shuts off and wont open at all, not even a 0% logo. After I charge it for like 10 secs it shows the Zero% logo and shows the apple logo, then it boots back up with how much battery it last was. Im really desperate and I’m not looking forward to a back-up then hard reset, or going to Apple. Much appreciation, thanks!

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    My mobile suddenly charges from 70% to 100% in a matter of 10 minutes,and after that it discharges suddenly from 40% to 0% in 10 minutes, I don't know what happens like that,I also replaced the battery with a new original one,can anybody give me the solution

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