Fix Play Store pending WiFi / Play Store app that doesn't download app without WiFi Android

FIX: Play Store is waiting for wifi 2020-19 / The Play Store does not download the app without downloading wifi / play store on mobile data / The apps cannot be downloaded from play store via wifi using Samsung / Android phone or tablet.
Here's a quick and easy solution to fix Google play store that does not download an application on wifi, or play not download store on mobile data or waiting for wifi or download data fees now ….


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    Amusing almost translated voice, very helpful advice. Too bad the other issue I have with the note9 is a Samsung issue, where there is no option to update via mobile data.

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    When I downloaded cod mobile i turned off my phone but when i came back it says data charges may apply so I downloaded again right now its still donwloading while im watching the vid

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    My phone won't download anythibg over a gigabyte. It's weird, like it will go all the way but will stop saying it cant download that game. I followed the steps and even cleared the cache over and over. Is there a fix for this?

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