Flydigi WEE 2 Android Controller Review – turn your phone into a PSP with this gaming keyboard

In this video, take a look at the Flydigi WEE 2 Telescopic / Stretchy Bluetooth console for Android or IOS.
Is it good for native Android games like Pubg? Is it good for harassment like PPSSPP or Dolphin?
Is WEE 2 controller better than Saitake 7007x? Let's find out.

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    The Amazon link you have. It's not the same package deal your reviewing. Same product but, packaging is different & it doesn't bring everything your showing. I order it after I saw your review. The box was different and no travel bag or adapter to mouse and keyboard, and phone stand. What your reviewing is Wee 2 bt and Amazon has it as wee 2 t. I'm just saying.

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    i like to play marvel vs capcom with d'pad controllers … which of they you recommend buying for this kind of game? if it works on PC too … it will be wonderful!

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    Question does this fit red magic 3s i have a redmagic 3s what controllers that are retractable or extandable im having a hard time to find a retractable controller for redmagic 3s pls recommend me a controller that does fit and retracts on red magic 3s

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    Could you plug a 4 port mini usb hub into this device and play 4 player games with 4 wired X-Box One controllers??!! =D
    Edit: how comfortable is it using the Z and C buttons as the A and B buttons for N64 game play?

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    I got this today. When I go to turn on the pad it doesn't do anything, no green light. Also when charging with micro USB I get a red light but only for 10 minutes. Bad battery or am I missing something.

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    I'm wondering if anyone can help me solve this problem. I connected switch pro controller to my android for ppsspp and it all works fine except for the fact that the "B" button always opens up the ppsspp menu and it makes it to where I cant use the button in game. Cant figure out how to disable that. I mean it's not game breaking but it's annoying to have one less button to work with not to mention it would normally be the x button on the psp

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