Galaxy Note 10 Official Android 10 Review Update: Samsung finally did!

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S10 One UI 2.0 Beta Review:
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    Hi. How's your batt life with the 5g version? I think mine is a bit poor comoared to the 4g version which i initially have. Then i upgraded to the 5g.

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    Ok I just bought the Note 10+ unlocked and I'm on MetroPCS AND I still haven't got the android 10 update!!! I'm frustrated. When will I get the update? Im excited for the update!!!!! Help!

  3. A C


    If you go into keyboard settings, you will find how to hide that button/bar. Just done it on my Note 10+.

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    Is it possible to switch between open apps by sliding on the bottom while using the Samsung gestures? I like them better than the Android 10 ones.

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    So good that Samsung has released android 10 on there premium phones I have a Huawei P30 Pro and it sounds like they are not releasing EMUI 10 till possibly February which stupid because by then I will be looking for a new phone and because Huawei are so bad at giving updates I'm buying a phone that gives updates

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    I figured out the problem with the black bar at the bottom when typing… to fix, you go to the navigation bar settings and there is an option to remove the back button from the bottom of the keyboard which will shift it to the bottom of the screen. Hope this helps, love the vid!

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    I received the Android 10 update on my Verizon Note10 +, and now when I'm on wifi my 4gLTE symbol is still on. Before the update, the 4gLTE symbol would disappear when on wifi. I'm I the only one?

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    My Son w/ AT&T got his update on his Note 10+… I'm with Verizon but no update for me yet. My Note 10+ is crashing/ freeze up at least 2 times a day. I'm hoping the update fixes these issues. I'm old & have only the apps on the Note 10+ that it came with. Seems like Google & YouTube is crashing more & more and I have just have to wait for this thing to auto reboot itself. Never had any issues with my iPhone's. This is my 1st Android device but I still like it. Also having Slow WiFi issues. I have to disconnect & reconnect to my really fast home Wifi & then things will load up.

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