Goodgame Empire – play on your phone

December 2019 update: you will likely encounter problems with this method now. In order to work, you must be on android and you must use the following link:
Two things changed: Empire switched from Flash to HTML5 and Puffin is no longer displayed on iOS. Puffin PRO (paid version) is available on iOS for $ 5. I am not aware of any method for ….


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    Can someone tell me why it doesn’t work? I have iPhone XR trying to run empire it loads to the screens to 5% and stops, I keep waiting and it still 5%.

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    For the opposite purpose, if you usually play on your phone (Four Kingdoms) and want to access your account from a laptop, you can download an app called "BlueStacks", which allows you to play games/apps that are meant for mobile on your laptop.

    Nice video though, lots of information.

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    This video has probably been one of your most informative videos (for me) because all my friends are like "Why don't you play on your phone" etc. etc. And now I can surprise them I do xD
    Thanks breor!

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