Google I / O 2010 – Keynote Day 2 Android Demo, pt. 4

Google I / O 2010 – Main Day Demo for Android 2, Part 4

Video footage from Main Day 2 at Google I / O 2010

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    Just a random person commenting from the present. Wow this video IS now 8 years old, back when music streaming was just starting and there's no Spotify yet

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    Ultimately, deciding to buy an iPhone is all about buying into Apple's vision of the one perfect smart phone. Android, by contrast, is about finding the right smart phone for you. Want a phone with a real QWERTY keyboard or a jumbo-size screen? Sorry, iPhone no can do — but Android can.
    may be google can help my revolution.
    To transmit at google please if you have the adress.
    I am french. (mettre 3w avant)
    Thank you.
    jean-claude Guillermain

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    when are we going to get the music streaming ? or downloading apps from the browser ? i thought we're going to get these with Froyo

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    I love Google… Without it do u think you can afford lots of software stuff? I mean competition serves customer. U may see Google in 3 more years has dominated everything since they have their own OS, Internet connection, tv… It's good to copy but if u r willing to make it better!

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    @alkhema17 I agree. Its a nice start with the stream. But eventually I just want the capability to copy my non DRM files from one device to another.

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    god… AppBrain has already done the installing from pc stuff…
    and i can already do this stream thing with an orb stream and the browser !!
    however its funny to see the great google is learning from developers

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    I believe competition is good but dang that pretty much ripped ever Apple idea. Right down to iAd. They did make some good points or innovations. But they're a bunch of copycats at heart.

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    well, download from the MAC faster , DAAAAA !!!

    there are million of apps that can control the iDevice from the Mac to DO WHATEVER u want, not downloading 1kb apps

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