GRANNY MOD MENU APK – No Root – Android – GOD MOD – Unsteady

Welcome to Granny MOD MENU APK

Grandma keeps you at her house.
Now you should try to get out of her house, but be careful and calm. She hears everything.
If you drop something on the ground, it hears it and runs.
You can hide in lockers or under beds.
You have 5 days.

good luck!

The game contains advertising.

Download granny mod menu apk today ….


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    Wow I didn't even know you play Granny that's from null zerep right I went to his/her channel before you release this mod menu probably the update of Granny with the Garage,Sauna,Shotgun,Car

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    Hi becca are every last day on earth survival account gone? I would like to have 1 I have been here since you had 5k subs but now you are growing fast

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