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    Bonjour j'ai acheter une manette gamesir g4s pour seulement jouer a guns of boom … j'ai vue sur ta vidéo que tu jouer avec le problème c'est que moi impossible d'y jouer mes touche de la manette ne réponde pas pourrai tu m'aider stp ?

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    i can not mapp guns of booms because i do not have the remapper, and i try mapping by computer but i do not know how to do it, can you plase make a video tutorial for mapping this game?

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    Hi bro… Please tell me were can i buy the joystick.. Every game shop i go,but still dont have.. Please…please…. Tell and help me were cant i fine that joystick,and price.. Please help me sir…

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    Are you able to map a button to the "swap guns" button in the lower right of your screen? I didn't see you use that button in the video so need to clarify this first. This is a make or break for me and I'm ready to buy right now as long as you can switch guns with the controller. Let me know asap! Thanks man.

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