Hack a robot using Metasploit to steal data

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Penetration of Android operating systems using metasploit. You can create malicious APKs to access the victim's Android device. .


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    When i write the command msfvenom or msfvenom -h it says msfvenom not found.
    Can anyone please help to launch msfvenom
    I understood the rest

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    when i open apache2 server and want to download the apk its telling me no such file but when i open var/www/ manually the maliciousfile.apk is there why this sh…is not working would you please help me

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    i did every single step you did hacked my own phone installed apk nothing happened no session opened up did it on LAN and WLan1 using port 443 and i opened it by using ufw allow 443 on my firewall why is not working

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    I have tried all the steps correctly,but it is not working .The payload handler starts but when i open the app,the session doesn't start.Is there anything that i have to do before starting the hack.and i am trying to hack my own phone connected in the LAN

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