Hay Day: Save your game progress with Google (Android)

Hey farmer, make sure to save your farm progress with your Google account! This way you will not lose your farm.
You can also share your achievements and experiences with friends in Google Play Games.

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  1. Reply

    لعبة كتير كتير كتير حلوة وبتجنن اتمنى لكم التوفيق والنجاح انشالله لكل من ساهم او شارك بهاللعبة ?????

  2. Reply

    How to transfer in this device game data to in the cloud my farm is in the device is 61 but on the cloud it is level 1 so plz tell me how to merge my in the device level to in the cloud

  3. Reply

    TYMS i needed to make sure if i was logge din or not ;-;
    And i was because it said "Google Pay connected" 😀 still.. TYMS FOR TEH HELP!!!

  4. Reply

    I've a farm on 40 level. That GMail and Google play account which was attached to the farm I've accidentally deleted it. Now I can't sign in to another account. What to do now? How can I save my farm? Plz help!!!

  5. Reply

    مرحبا لدي مشكلة في ربط اللعبة مع الفيس بوك وذلك بعد تغييري للرمز الخاص لفيس بوك ممكن المساعدة علما قد انحذف الرمز القديم ارجو طريق لربط اللعبة شكرا??

  6. Reply

    you were automatically logged out from google play game because you chose a farm that is not the one tied to that account.only one farm can be tied to each google play account.

  7. Reply

    Help!!! I wanna switch my farm account brcause I have a gaming email and I wanna to tie the farm to that one. Please anyome help

  8. Reply

    HEEEYYY please help me i want to save my current farm, but i saved one a long time ago and i want to delete that one because its doesn't let me save the current one. please help

  9. Reply

    If you wanna be helpful make a video help solve why my Google account won't authenticate with Hay Day, yet it does fine with clash Royal, your IT support sucks

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