Hello Neighbor and Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek – Full Games (iOS, Android)

Hello Neighbor and Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek – Walkthrough – Full Games (iOS, Android)

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    Слушай дядя Почему ты постоянно неправильно забираешься на крышу

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    I love both Hello Neighbor games! The storylines, gameplay and characters are much awesome. I know that nearly 5 hours of this videos will be more long time to play, but when I have a free time I can have a bag of popcorn and watch this video about both Hello Neighbor games lol. I hope tinyBuild could release more games like both in this video.

    About the first one, Hello Neighbor, the storylines is much awesome, but I feel it may have a bit horror due to the musics during gameplay. The main antagonist I think it is FEAR, appears in the final storyline, attempting to kill the protagonist (I don't know what name of the protagonist in Hello Neighbor is lol), but fails to do so, after he kills FEAR now, he opened the last door, and then the final cutscene is made.

    The second game, Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek, makes me feel so sad that the loss of a family member, is killed, making the friendship between the brother and the sister got affected, turned to the bad deal. If I play Hide and Seek without turning on the Friendly Mode, the storylines makes more notable. The final storyline, I feel even more sad that the brother lets the sister (the protagonist of the second game) die by falling from a high height, after that, the credits are showing that the father is possibly burying the sister that dies from a high height.

    In my opinion I like the first one as I've played for 1 year but the second one was much amazing for every storylines. I don't say very much about both games, because I felt my eyes got a bit pain after I watched this lol. But otherwise thank you so much for playing, and have a great time for making more awesome gameplay walkthrough videos

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