Here are the reasons why you can root your Android phone Pocketnow

You may have heard the term "root" hundreds of times. But what does that mean? What are the advantages of "rooting" your Android phone? The advantages are many, and in this video, we tell you why you should root your Android device.


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    I'm new to Android as well, and I'm 71 yrs old with '3' LG-V10's 7.0 Nouget, ' 2' Samsung Rugby Pro SGH i547's, '2' Nokia Lumia 530's 8.1 OS and a Nokia Lumia 521 8.1 OS, and they all work great on the T-Mobile network when i insert my SIM card in any one of them.

    The '2' branded AT&T Samsung Rugby Pro's ,i547's are unlocked and setup with the APN T-Mobile network but they are full of AT&T bloatware, and running slow.!
    if i could only find a good source of information from somebody that doesn't talk or try to explain everything as if I already have 20 years experience in Rooting, Jail braking or Swamp Dredging my Android phone, then maybe I could actually make my Ice Cream Sandwich 4.1.2 run like a T-Mobile Jelly Bean 4.3.1nm OS with a good ROM Mod…!

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    I know what is rooting but im scared for my phone to be full of viruses or even worse someone can track your ip address (like the goverment or fbi) im not saying that you shouldn't root but i bought it about 2 months ago

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    Here are 5 minutes of your life you'll never get back!
    Of course, all Youtube videos are aimed at receiving as much views as possible. Now am SHELLING the f@ck out of "Pocketnow"!

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    I have a huawei p10 lite, its quite well known that Huawei phones have problems connecting to fitbit devices. Apparently Huawei is blocking these devices so that people will be forced to buy the Huawei activity bands. Will rooting my phone solve this problem? does anyone else perhaps know how I can solve this problem.

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    You guys don't know what does root means?
    I think your a four years old kid

    A root of plants anchor them in place,roots hold the plants firmly to the ground,roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil

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    How Do I Root My Android Have Tried Kingoroot & Kingroot My Device Specs Are: TheMasterChiefWB SM-N91OU Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (MARSHMALLOW) And Don't Have a Pc

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    But once you root, you stop getting updates and security patches? Root makes sense only after the device have stopped getting any form of updates from the manufacturer. Agree?

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