How to block all ads on Android! + ONEPLUS 6 Surprise!

** Download link StopAd:

** To enter the gift, you must:
1. Be an Android user for smartphone (version 5.0 or higher)
2. Download and install StopAd through this link. Make sure to turn on StopAd, and enjoy surfing the Internet without ads.
3. Until June 30, 11:00 pm. GMT Exchange Stats Block your ads on Facebook or Twitter with tags …


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    ** PLEASE NOTE: To enter giveaway, you only need 3 days of stats! So free trial will be fine for the giveaway! **

  2. J H


    Blokada is free and is blocking over 702,000 domains for me currently. Minimal drain on battery and easy to use.

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    Kinda funny about this product. Once you get to their page you get a "Pop-Up" if you want to "Block" them or not. I would that would be a very LARGE indicator that this item is no good at all.

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    It doesnt block YouTube ads. Stopad is pointless. You have to pay for it and it monitors everything you do including all the apps on your mobile device and how and when you use them. Get uBlock Origin for your favorite browser. It's free and open source. This video is just a lame paid for commercial.

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    I don't use this app is a rip-off they say is Lifetime but once you use it on one device you can't use it on any other device will just take your $20 and that's about it I am just warning you guys do not use this app there scammers

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    NO 24/7 TECH SUPPORT!! UPDATE YOUR VIDEO! I've always followed you, but this is a company that stoled open sourse and used it for their own!

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    I bought StopAd Order ID: 14337579
    Invoice Date: 27-Jun-2018 and installed it on my Android Huawei and it worked fine.
    When the phone OS upgraded to 8.0, I had to reinstall StopAd. The problem after
    reinstall was it showed license activated, but only to Sept 11, 2018. I've posted 3
    times on their website today explaining the problem, and each time, the post was
    removed. If no reply I will file a complaint and claim with Paypal for a refund. I do
    not recommend THEM!!!

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    You should have mentioned you will have to pay for it after 3 days. This is nothing but a plug for a product. You can get similar online that are free…also it is not available in the Play Store, so that is worrying. Who knows what you're downloading! You have gone down in any estimation! Next time, be careful what you plug and remember we are not fools!

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    HI ass bent, Loved the ad block app, 3 day trial over, $20 for life sounds OK, I'm mainly using a sony tablet at moment, few yrs old now and wont last forever, if purchased does it just cover one item and is it transferable to another device??? Thanks

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