How to bypass Google FRP Lock on any Android phone without a computer. Open FRP

[edited: the video shows how to bypass FRP lock in android. some said i can’t Do this through Copy paste. see every mobile has different Loop hole. so just find it. ( its will hardly take 2 or 3 hour if uh are a tech guy.) once uh find that use same way to bypass.

when ever any Device is Used To hard Reset and wipe data and Then reboot The device was reset. to continue need Sign In with a… .


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    Hey, I tried this but no matter how many times I press build number, kernel or anything else, the developer options won't appear.

    I tried looking for developer options on the quick shortcut maker app, it appeared but when I tried to launch it, it says "developer options are not available for this user". I have a Samsung S8+, G955F, and the software is android 7.0, would appreciate any assistance, thank you.

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