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    Can't wait for more video from you!! thanks soh much ! ^^

    By the way, is it possible if i can have your advice in this open source android app I have posted below? I am still a beginner and many things to learn. I hope to get more feedback to improve it!…

    Just need to search ' pub:Path Ahead ' in Google Play (P & A are case sensitive).

    appreciate ya !!

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    Nice video, I want to create a 2d Turn Based RPG game do you have any tutorials on that and character creation software? Thanks.

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    It says my computer isn't good enough for the emulator FUCK OFF I HAVE A GREAT FUCKING GAMING PC SO FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING ANDROID PROGRAM But could you please help me

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    youre japanese?…i trust japanese when it comes to games even thought africans are not as close enough to them……and please try to reply the comments. iTs really bad that we dont hear your opinion after all the good content your produce in yiour vids

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    Mate, this guide was AMAZING!! thank you so much for sharing with us, i finally got to understand how to make a simple game, and got a 10 in school. THANKS!!!

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    Hi ! I m new to app developing and i want to ask , will i be able to add ads to the game if i make it like in your tutorials? and if yes what would be the process.Thank you for the videos ,they're very good!

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    For people who would rather test this on their android device follow these steps:

    Go to your settings and scroll to the bottom to Developer Options
    Turn on USB Debugging
    When you run your game, select your device
    Your welcome!

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    i downloaded the exact java version the android studio wanted but i cannot run emulators from api 22 or 23. I managed to run old android 2.3 (api 10) emulator, the more recent ones are failing.

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    sir when I run my app and create new emulator and after that when I run it from that emulator is shows me that Intel haxm is required to run this avd and enable VT-x in your BIOS security setting so how can I do all this? please help

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