How to delete Chrome History Browser on Android Phone / Tablet 2020 | Google chrome delete history

Are you on public Wifi, it is better to delete your browsing history once you are done. This is why we came up with a guide to delete the Google Chrome history.

This video shows how to delete Chrome browser history on Android phones / tablets and menus.

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Once you delete your Google …


  1. Y K


    ok so I do this on samsung s5 the problem is once you cleared it the only way to get out of tjat page is to press back up but when you do this the history obviously reappears please help

  2. Reply

    This does not work for me. It tells me the history is deleted, but if you press "return" a few times, everything is still there. Even if you clear history, switch phone off, remove battery, re-start, open Chrome, press return – it's all there still. Very annoying!!

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