How to disable / remove notification ads on Android phones (Xperia Z3 used)

The troublesome game continue to send you push notifications when you stop playing? Here's how to disable these ads on Xperia Z3. It also works on Z2, Compact, Z3v and other Xperia devices. Shown on Android 4.4.4 Jellybean but works on other versions of Android as well.


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    I have disabled notifications everywhere it is possible on my Sony Experia but the phone keeps beeping all the day for all kinds of nonsense reasons that is impossible to block. Even Themes on the phone give notifications for whatever reason… It is driving me crazy as 99% of the time the notifications beeping is just unwanted spamming from programs I don`t even want but is impossible to delete. My Sony phone is full of crap I don`t want and ever use and all that crap makes beeping noises all day, I am starting to hate my phone more and more…

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    My constant full screen adverts only show up since Sony updated my phone to Android Nougat – before, it was a comparably minor nuisance in the notifications only.

    And I didn't add new apps, so something in Android has changed, where everybody and his brother can block you up with full screen adds! For example, I get a full screen add each time I try to make a phone call, which I have to click away first…

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    umm Sorry i have a Question i keep seeing those ads And its Annoy me a lots i see them in my phone and idk if they come Because of a application i don't get it 🙁 its annoy me help me Please

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