How to Download PUBG Mobile (IOS / ANDROID) + Translated List and Perfect Settings!

English version now – do not use this.

Download pubg on ios and android, download apk pub-mobile – instructions on how to do this in this video! We also guarantee the translation of a mobile pubg list and ideal settings

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    This is fucking stupid your telling me bluehole has made millions since the release of pubg but aren’t gonna make the game available on the fucking app store instead they would insist that their players who are genuinely interested go through all this complicated backwater bullshit

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    I have a weird problem where before i enter the plane, i can see the tags of my teammates above them, but after entering the plane they are gone, makes me shoot all my mates first cuz they look like enemies….. anyone else experienced this or even know how to fix it?

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    I installed taptap and tried to install pubg but after I downloaded it when I tried to install, it just saids "app not installed". Does anyone know how to fix that?

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    I can’t get pass the making an Apple ID in China… they would have to send a verification code to the random phone number I put in

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    Thanks bro this video was really helpful.
    I got pubgm running now.
    I would like to know when it'll come out on playstore? When it does will it be free or paid? Anyone knows??

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    My problem with this is that I the bit you make sound super simple, getting a wechat account, is impossible for a non-Chinese non-business which frankly is most of your audience. but otherwise really helpful video hope you do more I literally cannot use thanks

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    Should I download on PC then install on phone or download on the phone itself? Taptap keeps making me download their client to proceed and I'm like… Nah.. Lmao

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    So I make the character but when I press the button to get into the game it shows a box at the top that I don't know what it means.

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    add me in pubg Mobile[lightspeed]
    my id :戴夫Dave
    i need some forigner to play with instead of playing with Chinese 8 year old children that crush me and take my weapons

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    Anyone know the exact date of when it will release in America (west) if it's not to far away I'll just wait till release if it's to far out on the date I'll do the steps to get the Chinese version

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