How to download Yo-kai Watch Gerapo Rhythm + Beginner's Guide!

Learn how to download Yo-kai Watch Gerapo Rhythm on mobile [Android & IOS] Learn the basics of how to play the game with Abdullah's 1080p HD video tutorial 60fps! [妖怪ウォッチ ゲラポリズム]
Yo-kai Watch Gerapo Rhythm Playlist:

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    I watched the first few minutes to see how to get Pokemon Rumble Rush and the last thing I want is to create a new account. I already have 3 personal emails and 2 work emails. I don't need anymore emails. US release date?

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    This video really helped me get the game I wanted to download. This is helpful and useful. You need to have more views and likes for taking the time to make this video and helping people to get these unrealeased games from Japan or anywhere. I'm very happy with this so keep up the good work abdallah😊😊

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    Ugh i tryed made a new account tunnel bear japan then account did that went to google play changed the account and it still was the same any tips

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    I followed every step carefully and I copied and pasted the Japanese you left and it didn't pop up on the play store i also translated the Japanese and it said yo Kai watch Gerapo and it still didn't work😢

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    Will you make a version for iPad? I know it works but the 3 lines thing doesn’t work because iPad doesn’t have it. (I know gerapo rhythm won’t work lol.)

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