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    Being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. So far, not impressed. Diminishing returns on complexity/technology.

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    I want an iPhone again. Unintuitive Android keyboards suck. Apple phones seem to know when you hit an adjacent key by mistake and corrects it. Oh. Also the free podcast app is better than any Android one you have to pay for.

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    Thank you so much! I don't know how my phone automatically switched over to swype a couple of weeks ago but while typng a text, swype took over. I don't know how it got there but I am so glad you helped me find my way to fix it! Your videos is great!

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    Thx, updated my note 1 from 4.0.3. to 4.1.2. but i saw no swype, now i have it again 🙂 thought i should update to marshmellow 6.0 , so thx again 🙂

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    I have an HTC Desire (discontinued) phone. Your method doesn't work with it; but! in Settings, Apps, all Apps, I was able to DISABLE!

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    I got a zenfone 2 with 5.0 lillipop, this bullshit is PISSING ME OFF! How to I completely deactivate it? Can't send texts or messages cause the send button is in the corner and I can't tap the corner. It's just swype or nothing, it's really getting on my nerves.

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    Android really isn't compatible with me, at all. To me, it's like a can of worms, compared to Apple and Windows mobile OS-es it's like MS-DOS. Using it feels like dealing with someone with mental disabbilities. Even before I got stuck with Swype somehow. Some genius thought it be a good idea to put a gynormous button right below the shift key that randomly jumbles letters? Whats the function? Butt fucking every message I send, by littering it with unwanted interpunction and strangest typos? In the beginning I tried to correct it, in the end I didn't care anymore, sending out deranged message after deranged message. I got so fed up, after going to the endless journeys of trying to use the phone, I fired up my laptop in the middle of the night to lookup how to nuke it from my phone. I had to Google it. And watch a 5 year old video. Dafuq.

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    THANKS! I couldn't remember how to do it, I tried for 2 days :/ till I remember YouTube has an answer for everything 🙂

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    Oh My Goodness. I couldn't remember how I turned the stupid thing on and I don't have Language and Keyboard settings. It was driving me crazy.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

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    when I switched to Swype, I had to sign terms and conditions. – Is that means that I adding extra service to my phone and it is going to be every month fee for that?

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    If you are like me and have an older phone, go to a place where you have a type zone. Press and hold on to it, and you should get a pop up titled "input method". It has swype or android keyboard. You're welcome, because this video doesn't help if you have an older phone.

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