How to enforce Google Chrome's Dark Mode for each site (Windows / Android / Mac / Linux)

If you use Google Chrome on Windows, Android, Mac or Linux systems, this video will show you how to enforce dark mode on every website you visit.

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    This experimental dark mode feature is not available for iOS right now. I'll update this post when it is… In addition to the method shown to force dark mode, if you'd like to try out the two extensions mentioned in this video, I'll put the links in the description… Thanks for watching!

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    Warning, going into your flags and changing the setting may cause your chromebook to crash and unable to load anything. I learned the hard way and power washing seemed to fix the problem. I'd stay away until the bug is fixed in the future.

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    I tried that and it works in most of the time. However, I have a 3440×1440 monitor, and when watching YouTube video there is still the bright white panels on either side of the video which is annoying. Nothing I can do about it because it's part of YouTube's program code.

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    ?????‍♂️"VISIT NEPAL 2020"?‍♀️????

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    I CAN'T STAND dark mode~. It stresses your eyes and causes anxiety in people. You "think" it is easier to see but your brain works MUCH harder at processing all that contrast. And Google Chrome is the worst browser there is. Use Chrome-based alternatives.

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