How to fix Cannot load the Android Seicane system recovery screen or another car stereo head unit

So yes. This is a video I didn't think I was going to do honestly, I didn't think my first attempt to fix this would work out. But, I did. So now I am catching you.

Here is the screen that appeared:

Android system cannot be loaded. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to receive this message, you may need to factory reset and erase all user data stored on this device ….


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    the USB plugs INTO the back of the head unit? Or where exactly is the usb coming from? I have one just like yours and mine didn't come with an USB cable like that.

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    You don't need a keyboard to move between the two options. a short push on the reset button will alternate between the options. a long press on the reset (1-3 seconds until the screen changes) will activate the option you have selected. there is no need to press any longer than that.
    I have also had an issue when starting the car the unit screen was black, just as if it is not working. I did two simple checks to make sure it is still getting power and working:
    1. turned on the car lights and saw the lights on the unit go on.
    2. selected reverse gear and the reverse camera loaded.
    So I knew the unit works it is just not rebooting.
    the reset button did not help.
    The solution was to disconnect the car battery for 10 seconds. I guess it cleared the cash or RAM of the unit. Then It showed me the recovery screen which I selected try again and it worked.

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    Please, I could really do with your help. I have a siecane android car radio that gives me no sound everything else works , I get no sound from the Bluetooth even though it is paired, please do you have any idea what is causing this.

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    thanks for the video solved my issue as well but just a NOTE; for people who doesn't have reset on the device like the mercedes GLK devices a reset can be done by removing the cables to battery for 5 seconds and put it back

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    I just installed a seicane head unit in my 2011 Ram. All is working except after I shut the ignition off for any length of time the screen is black on re start. I hold the power button for a bit, the unit reboots, all is fine until the next time. Any ideas ?

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    you are more lucky than me i try to put that metal and wayt 10 then 20 then 30 and it doesnt shows me anything

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    Hello ! My seicane doesn’t start after changing the start logo. I think that I have to flash it or reset it to factory settings, does any one know how to access this menu ? Thank you

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    Have you had any other problems with this stereo. I know you have had it for a little time now and was seeing it it was still working like it should

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    Do you know if the top tray shape/size and mounting screw stay the same. I want to be able to continue using my vector bar with this radio installed

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    hey I'm strongly considering one of these units in my 2015 Rubicon. What do you think of it, how long have you had it, and do you recommend it?

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    Obviously it would not have helped you in this situation, but it makes me wonder if a Bluetooth keyboard can be paired up. I have the 2nd gen seicane too (thanks to your video series on it) the only thing I did different was I added a 8 channel RCA switch to run my back up cams. your ordeal here hasn't happened to me yet… but it'll be nice to know I can recover if it does, thanks!

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