How to fix Unfortunately YouTube has stopped on Android

Resolution: How to fix Unfortunately youtube / youtube go 2020-19 / Youtube has stopped and error on Android devices continues. After watching this quick video, I hope you find the best solution to solve youtube has stopped or youtube go has stopped using Samsung Galaxy or other Android phones and tablets.
This video works on Android 4.0 KitKat, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and …


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    i have done that a hundred times and i still get the notice that youtube is harmful to my tablet and then i have to disable it and after a week i have to go back and enable it. and most of the time that is done 1 step at a time as the erro message show up and i tap it and fast do something before the erro returns. so you got any more ideas?

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    IT DIDN'T WORK MY YOUTUBE STILL SAYS Unfortunately YouTube has stopped. Why I did the exact same things you did to your phone. How is it not working for me!?????

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    Two years later and I just got an ipad and haven't even had it two weeks and bam this youtube crap pops up and you can't get into anything because clicking ok does nothing as it pops right back

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    Ok, my problem is, that every time it says it and you press ok it splashes up again. YouTube is disabled btw.

    My solution is to create another user (if u don’t know how to do it look it up) then quickly go onto that user and change the name if u want. Whenever it recharges tho u gotta be quick because it changes users. Do this all between this seconds and be quick.

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