How to flash a custom kernel on Android

Video showing you how to flash a custom kernel on Android. Note: You need root permissions in order to do this.

In order to flash a custom kernel on your Android phone, you need to boot into recovery mode (or clockworkmod recovery). You can define what you want with the volume up + volume up and down volume keys, and the select power key.

Custom beads can be installed ….


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    Would this work the same way for a newer phone like the s5. Sorry to sound dumb but I'm a noob and I don't want to brick my phone . I'm trying to install chronic kernel on my s5 and I've never installed a custom kernel before.

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    My samsung galaxy note 3 does not have the install zip from…….  Or SD CARD or it does not have advanced settings ect.

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    i rooted my android phone and i am a beginner … watch this link and u will understand … …. but i am not responsible if u brick ur phone even after watching it … please turn ur USB DEBUGGING "ON" …. and plz follow as directed there …..

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    should i need to go to cwm and flash it or shall i flash it straight away ? and will this work on s3 ( stock rom … rooted ) and if s … plz give me the link … đŸ™‚

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    i always backup, factory reset and restore when flashing new roms but is a factory reset required when flashing kernals? this is my first time flashing one

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    I've tried flashing a couple custom kernels and the installation fails every time! are there any reasons behind this happening? I am running a custom ROM.

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    It means you don't have recovery mode, connect your htc one to your computer and install Clockworkmod Recovery through fastboot.

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