How to free up memory on your Android device! No computer needed!

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Applications list

1. Apps2sd (Transfer application to SD) (free)
(We Invited…


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    Well basically i need more memory but, basically i dont have much space to download that app and basically my sd card is full so basically this video is not helpful

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    He needs to practice his pronunciation. He needs to enunciate better. He keeps mumbling the word Android. He says Andrew device.

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    Damn this guy says 'BASICALLY' way too much…!!
    Too many FILLER WORDS ruin an otherwise decent documentary… Which makes an intelligent person lose interest!

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    All In One Tool Cleaner works great and its free for android.
    Buy an SD card for your phone if you have a slot for it and get the highest amount of gbs your phone can take.
    Run the AIOT app and you'll find App Manager in it. There you will be able to move your apps you/will download to your SD card.
    My RCA android only has 4gigs internal storage,and using this method now only 0.92gb is used. All my downloaded apps are on a 32gb SD card and the phone runs fast.

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    Thanks man 2018 now watching this video I had like 3 apps and they were already on my SD card still my phone couldn't update then I downloaded a cache cleaner (the one from your video was no longer there) and then bam 750 MB of cache cleaned up thanks so much!

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    Okay i own a Samsung Galaxy s6 android no root wich my model has a huge sd card tho my storage issue is i have 6.56gig used in system memory i need to clear it is system memory internal storage i dunno how do i fix this problem?

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    I have been using this super MAC system utility “macvo unique only” (Google it) for a few years. Their systems have always performed well in figuring out problems with my dual processor MacBook Pro. I often use this for the tasks as Cleaning, Securing , Optimizing, anti virus, spyware.

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    You tech geeks always have the same answer… if i can't download any app's on my phone because of insufficient space storage why you making a video and telling people to download an app to clean out the other apps on the phone Duhhhhh…. if i can download a clean up app on my phone it means i have no problems with my phone space storage.. wow… all of you are morons.

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    This super MAC system tool “macvo unique only” (Google it) is incredible software program for aid clean your mac and recover space on the hard disk drive. Also if you wish to clean, secure, optimize your Mac, you must download it to utilize today. This software program will even keep Virus and Spywares from intruding into your Mac program.

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    I dont even have apps!its all games!
    The only type of aocail media i even have is disneyLOL…
    Even that i only jave like 4 or 5 games!
    Please help!!!

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