How to get the best apps that require GMS to run on The Mate 30 Pro A alternative solution for Huawei phones

Google services are a big part of Android and the Android platform. Google is part of a suite of apps and services on Android, so removing Google will really block your device, right? Well, really not. Lots of popular apps run perfectly on Huawei Mate 30 Pro, although it doesn't have Google apps.

XDA Portal Article: ….


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    i have an unlocked redmi note 5 pro and the gcam works fine for the rear camera but for the front the app crashed everytime i switch to it (and the crash thing applies to any camera app i install like google cam that require camera 2api enabled )
    plz help..

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    Yeah, sorry Huawei but I'm not going to pay over 1000€ for a phone I have to go around to get my apps to work.

    Specially when that same phone then has sh*t designs like a horrid waterfall display, no headphone jack and a giant notch. Such a phone would be a hard sell WITH the Play Store…it's an impossible one without it.

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    Any alternative to og YouTube I mean same as YouTube but better
    Look same like youtube
    black version
    Background play
    Picture in picture mode
    Not tubemate&SnapTube

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    Great video man, take care the video dont be deleted by YouTube for show what they dont wanna share. Send one Mate 30 Pro here to Argentina haha! Joking apart, one of them is like 2 cars here, and thats not a joke. Keep doing best!

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    Did they threaten you to make this shit?
    Update: Did he really just show how to go to the gmail website and said that it's 'really great'?

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    Its funny how XDA "Developers" are doing videos on shitty ass Chinese phones that lock the bootloader and don't accept any kind of development on their phones, keep the free phones to yourself man nobody wants anything to do with this free piece of shit that you got to advertise it to us.

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