How to hack Android phones using Kali Linux

Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only and not to harm others. I do not encourage to hack someone's device. It is highly recommended to try it on your device.

WhatsApp hacked data.

Instagram =

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    Thats realllllyyyyy interesting and cool.
    I have few doubt's.
    Can i speak to u ?
    Instagram or snapchat?
    I will love get some help from u man!!

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    Heyy..I sent it to my neighbour mobile who is next to my house..but it's not working.. then I tried to my mobile its doubt is this work only with same connection whick I have connected..then how will I attack anonymous person..will this work??

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    Hey i have a problem… When i want to install the apk on my android device it says that it is unable to parse the apk please heeeeeeelp

    And great video?

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