How to install Android apps on Blackberry Playbook (updated)

This is an updated video that shows you the entire process of copying Android apps to the Blackberry Playbook. We show you what you need to do on your Playbook in development mode to get started then what you have to do on your computer!

This is an updated video based on our first video, with better sound quality and answers to the most common questions.

You need to download the file to move the applications ….


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    I managed to get it working and install things to the Playbook from Windows, including the Good e-Reader App Store. But, when trying to install an app from your app store, I get an error: "There is no apk file." Plus, I also installed Evernote from Windows onto the Playbook, but when I run it, it does not work. So all in all, a waste of time.

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    Hi there – Thank you for the Awesome Video tutorial! I learned a lot. I was getting ready to "berry" (bury-Lol) my PlayBook because of its outdated Browser and its inability to load pretty much anything anymore. I LOVE my PlayBook b/c I can Bridge (via BB Bridge App) it to my BB phone and have used it to win cases in court by handing the Judge my PlayBook so he could read text messages while I remote controlled it with my BB phone. However, I recently upgraded to a BB KeyOne Android and was VERY disappointed that I really wouldn't be able to use my PlayBook at all anymore since I can't Bridge my PlayBook to my KeyOne now. So I watched the whole tutorial and downloaded some of your .bar files, but I have one question: You mentioned in your video (at 2:57) that you "have a BlackBerry Client here" – on your site. What do you mean by that? Is it a converted Browser?? Because my biggest problem has been getting a better browser for my PlayBook. The one it came with is Horrible and loads NOTHING now. If you can recommend a good Browser for the PlayBook, that would be VERY helpful! Thank you for the help and the Tutorial – you did a great job explaining .bar and .apk files 🙂

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    Hey good e reader. Went thru all steps,from dddpb to playbook. Still not figuring out how to get games I want to be played on playbook. What step did I miss. Couldn't even do Dropbox. Appreciate the help

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    sir plz provide the link of apk to bar converter and i m facing an issue sir when i install games like clash of clans or pubg it says sorry the application black berry keyboard has stopped plz any solution plz

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    Hey does this still work? I've had my black berry since middle school. And for the pass few years the apps have stopped working and it no longer has updates.

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    Blackberry has Ontario human rights tribunal complaint submitted against BlackBerry Nov 1, 2017, ministry of labor complaint being filed

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    Nice video….but playbook is the worst…poor WiFi, doesn't connect to PC , no Bluetooth connection to android os, no OTG …just the worst

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    after installed game when i open the game it give this message
    "the apllication Blackberry keyboard (process system.apps) has stopped unexpectedly .please try again " what i do ?

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    i forgot my blackberry id please how do i remove the id and i went to my email to change it but they still require the old password.Help

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    i did everything and it´s on my playbook , but when i click on the app sign the blackberry sign appears but nothing happens

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    Do you not have an app for mac? I've been looking around because I want to be able to open cbr files on my playbook… any other solutions?

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