How to install LibreELEC on Android TV boxes using Amlogic S912 or Lower. [NOW WITH CLOSED CAPTIONS]

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This is the simple LibreELEC installation guide for Android TV Boxes with Amlogic S912 or less. Especially for those boxes without a reset button so you can't use the "toothpick method" ….


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    Hey, guys! How's it going? Just an update. Apparently, some of the files on the download links are not available anymore.

    Luckily, I still have them on my hard drive and uploaded it on my google drive.

    Also, I have just added English Closed Captions on this video. Please do turn it on for your convenience. Thanks!

    It contains the "dtb.img" file, LibreELEC USB-SD Creator and both the zip files on this video.

    So, if you just visited this link in 2019 or in the future, again, I apologize for the music being louder than my voice.

    And, here is the link:

    Go use any malware detection or antivir if you think I'm not trust worthy. lol.

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    Guys this is not a flash of your primary system. This is just running / booting from your SD card everytime.

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    Hey, HeathenHacks, I have a few questions.

    1) I have a S905W box. Which LibreELEC files should I download for it?
    2) Does this method include pushing down the reset button or do I just insert the SD card and it automatically boots into LibreELEC?
    2) Can I modify skins and everything else on LIbreELEC Kodi compared to Android Kodi?
    3) Can I also put my IPTV list on my SD card on which LibreELEC is located and use it like that?

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    thanks for the guide, just received from amazon my Mecool pro logic same as yours… kodi works smoothly with my 4k movies, do you recommend this procedure anyway? what's the difference in terms of enterteinment?

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    well I dont understand why android is booting up again after Kodi has been configured and I reboot the system again. Maybe someone can help me out. Thx in advance.

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    Using LibreElec now on an old old large PC, and debated getting one of these and doing this, but wondered what the upside is? As in… is there a noticeable increase in speed (running/boot)? performance boost?

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    Can't really follow this. Music over your verbal instructions, means I can't hear what you're saying. Also, you seem to write the data using the USB-SD Creator tool to F:/, but pull out a micro SD from E:/? Where did the data come from that ended up on E:/? It's not clear what has happened?

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